Industrial Kitchen Desires


My kitchen is teeny weeny, and a typical afterthought galley on a Victorian house.  It fits one person, (two if no one leaves the spot they stand on), and if any one gets in front of the fridge it becomes a chicane with a lot of reversing.  We had 14 people one Christmas and I did manage somehow, but there was a chain of people leading out and passing plates as it is so small.  The house is a large 5 bedroom number, so the small kitchen makes no sense at all.

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I dream of extending it across the back of the house into a huge sociable room, and have started hunting out ideas. I do not want a ‘classical’ kitchen, we had one made bespoke at our last house and it was lovely and suited the house, plus held my beloved Lacanche range.  But I am a bit bored of those style of kitchens and want something different now.

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I love the industrial edge; steeel framed windows by Crittall, concrete, unfitted furniture and unexpected items.  But I cannot really pretend that a new build extension to an 1870’s house is an old factory and blend it in with the rest of house.  Or so I thought until I saw this amazing kitchen in Remodilista by
The architects are Stiff and Trevellian and they have converted a basement into a huge open plan sociable spave with zoned areas.  It if industrial in areas, but also suits the period house I think.  I would never worry about cracked floor tiles and stains again with that floor.


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