Spice Jars Organisation


Like most people, my spice cupboard was a jumble of different sized jars, bottles and packets.  Being on my recent quest for order and function, (with a dash of style), I decided to make an assault on the offending cupboard.  I found some great printable labels online via Lia Griffith’s great website which are like chalkboard pre-printed labels.   You can download them here.  The labels come ready filled, but I had a couple of rogue items like Juniper Berries that were not available, so I used Powerpoint to add a new text box over an existing grabbed image of one of the labels.

Given that I have at least 25 different spices and herbs, I needed to find stacking and stylish containers to maximise storage. I love the little Kilner baby jars with wire clipped lids, but they are actually very small and waste a lot of space in cupboards with all the metal sticking out at angles.  So I went the trusty old Ikea route and used their jars called Ratjan, which are bargain at 4 for £1.50, and can fit in any style kitchen from retro to country cottage style.


I simply cut out the labels, used Modge Podge on both the back of the label and the front to seal it, and bingo, the most stylish spice jars ever.  I may even now plan a space where they are more visible rather than being hidden away in the cupboard as they are so pretty.  My precious Saffron is in a bottle from Marrakesh, complete with tassel to remind me of my travels.


Added August 2015:  I also recently found these free printable labels, which are editable as well and by Emily McDowell.

pantry-labels-2… lovely and also editable:


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