Tattoo Parlour update part 2

Rocket Queen tattoo shop is slowly moving on, and whilst plumbing and heating is sorted out this week, I am working on the main studio. The room had some ugly doors faced in ply, and to hide the hideousness I have faced them in bookcase mural wallpaper. This is really easy to do and transforms … Continue reading Tattoo Parlour update part 2

Diy mugs

Brilliant idea, get those pens out…


Waking up early and seeing a beautiful mug full of very hot coffee is the best way to start the day. Of course all mugs have the same function, but a beautiful one can make you see the world more beautiful. If it has a beautiful message it can make you smile from the very first moment of the…

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I SAW this and had to make some more…..

My husband bought me home a beautiful, and bit odd, gift recently.... this amazing saw with message painted onto it: This is serendipity I am sure, as I am helping my friend design her tattoo parlour 'Rocket Queen' at the moment.  So I decided to make some for the shop that she can use.... after … Continue reading I SAW this and had to make some more…..

‘Rocket Queen’ tattoo parlour Interior – Part 1

My fabulous friend Charmaigne is opening a tattoo parlour , and we have been coming up with ideas to transform what is basically a HUGE empty space with creative ideas and a low-as-possible budget.  The shop consists of a vast reception area, two treatment rooms, a tiny staff room, WC and the main tattoo studio.  … Continue reading ‘Rocket Queen’ tattoo parlour Interior – Part 1