I SAW this and had to make some more…..

DIY, Upcycling

My husband bought me home a beautiful, and bit odd, gift recently…. this amazing saw with message painted onto it:

IMG_9368This is serendipity I am sure, as I am helping my friend design her tattoo parlour ‘Rocket Queen’ at the moment.  So I decided to make some for the shop that she can use…. after much font investigation and paint sampling, plus a trip to the local junk shop for saws, here are the results:

I basically upcycled some old saws, painted the metal black and then painted the fonts and decorations on after tracing the text using a reverse method with chalk on paper. A final coat of lacquer and they are good to go.  I love them, and think that every operating theatre should have one above the door saying ‘Surgery’ on it….


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