Tattoo Parlour update part 2

Decorating, DIY, Makeover

Rocket Queen tattoo shop is slowly moving on, and whilst plumbing and heating is sorted out this week, I am working on the main studio.

The room had some ugly doors faced in ply, and to hide the hideousness I have faced them in bookcase mural wallpaper. This is really easy to do and transforms them!

Once they were done they had to be sealed to make the paper non-porous for Health & Safety. I used a matt tough varnish to make them scrubbable and hygenic.

Filing Cabinet Before & After

Patient records legally have to be locked away, and we bought a second hand filing cabinet for £25. But as you can see from the photos it is pretty ugly… So wrapping paper to the rescue for a quick overhaul. This will go in the main reception area which is VERY colourful, so I hunted for zingy paper.

I found this paper in two colourways at Ikea, and used PVA to wrap the cabinet in it. It will need a few more coats to make it as tough as an old boot, but it looks way better than the original.

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