Mercury Glass


This is such a great craft to do, will be attempting it immediately…

happy day andi

I m so excited to share this project with you! I have been saving jars for years now. Like, I have them stored in so many cabinets in 20 years I am still going to be finding them hidden all over. But I think I finally found a purpose for them! Some of them, at least! I have seen the mercury glass jars everywhere lately and I really like how they look. No way am I paying for them though. I came across Wedding Party’s post and could not believe how easy it looked. Like, all I had to buy was the mirror paint? Really? Totally worth the try. And the directions were so clear! I really don’t even have any tips, other than follow the directions. The directions say to wait a 30 seconds before blotting your glass after spraying it with the mirror paint, but when I did…

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