‘The Great Wave Off Cornwall’ – Art & The Map of Cornwall exhibition


I have recently completed an art piece for an exhibition for the Cornish Gallery POP, who are running a show later this summer called Art & the Map of Cornwall. Various artists were given an old large map of Cornwall, and asked to create a new piece of work around the piece that is inspired by the county.  I am overawed to be in the company of artists such as Pure Evil, Ben Allen and Krisjana S Williams.

My piece in the show pays homage to the county via the famous Japanese ukiyo-e artist, Hokusai, and in particular, his image The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This image is so instantly recognisable that it has almost become a part of modern iconographic culture.  I have turned it into a pop art piece, with twists on the original print.

As the show is not yet launched I won’t be posting the finished work yet, so here is the original image as a teaser until the dates are announced.



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