Convex Mirror Collection


There is something hypnotic at looking at reflections in a convex mirror, all of the distortions are really interesting.  I also like the fact that I look like a Manga person or Dobby from Harry Potter with really huge eyes.  A similar effect can be found by looking at your reflection in a soup spoon, but I digress…


Dobby from Harry Potter

I have been collecting the mirrors for a while and waiting until I had enough to do a grouping, I saw the below picture and love them in a cluster.  Today I was in ‘Homesense’, (one of my favourite EVER stores), when I spotted a couple of different sized ones, so I snapped them up for a song.  On returning home, I decided to gather them all together and finally get them up onto a wall.

look book

Mirrors by Ochre

I decided to group them in the dining room and above the mantlepiece, which currently looks like the below.  The mirror is too low I think, and the large paper flower overwhelms the space.  I have very tall ceilings and everything looks too low in the picture.

Slate Effect fireplace

Square mirror above the fireplace

I had 5 convex mirrors to play with, so fiddled about until I liked the arrangement and then fixed simple picture pins into the walls to hang them.  This is the result in the evening light:

I think the wall looks better now, as more space is visible.  This is how it looks in the daytime:

best day 2The space around the frames makes the other ornaments on the mantlepiece stand out much better now too I think:




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