New cushion collection – your help needed!


Voting on cushion covers…I am personally in favour of the Palm leaves, but all of them are lovely. Vote away!

To Make A Home

I’m in the process of putting together a new collection of cushions for my Etsy shop and want to ask for your input!

It’s so much fun looking at all the choices of fabric out there, and while I have decided on some, I’m finding it hard to narrow down my final selection. I thought who better to ask than the great readers of my little blog? If you have a few minutes, thanks for looking through the fabric swatches below and voting for your favorite at the bottom. You can vote multiple times, so if you like several of these, just refresh and select again.

Don’t see something you like? Please leave a comment with your idea for a perfect cushion color or pattern. I really appreciate your help and who knows, your choice could end up on my shop come autumn!

Fabric buying

Thank you so much for your input!

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