Cheer Up Wednesday… and Vote for Make!

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This week I have been feeling very sorry for myself as I have had a frozen shoulder and had to halt all creative pursuits over the weekend until it started to calm down as I basically could not use my arm at all.  This for me is a form of hell, not being able to snip, draw, cut or glue…. I did try some things with the left arm, but it sort of comes out like a 4 year old has had a go.  The doctor also gave me some monster pain killers and relaxants, so Diazepam reduced any control I had left for creations, but I felt very happy and spaced out and even the smears looked beautiful!

So today I had some really exciting news which made me forget about the aforesaid useless arm.  I received a tweet telling me that I have nominated in the Amara Interior Blog Awards for my blog.  I think it must be in the small blog section as I am pretty new to this, but it was really nice to be nominated, and thank you to whoever did….  Voting starts on the 10th August but they are still taking nominations until then, so if you like the blog and tips please feel free to give me a click!


I also got a call asking me to do some paint effects next week for a chain of very smart shoe stores who are re-branding their shops, they want several huge gilt floor standing Rococo mirrors transformed with glazes, paints and crackle glaze.  I will post more info on that process next week, and post a tutorial.

So, despite the useless arm and mind-numbing medication, it has been a super day today and truly a Cheer Up Wednesday!


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