It’s Official. I don’t get a kick out of neutrals anymore….c

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Something has changed – it could be hormonal, or maybe I have had a small stroke and a part of my brain has switched to a new dimension, but I just cannot get enthused at the moment with natural shades and calm interiors. Neutrals are great for making things look spacious, calm and restful, but I just don’t seem to want them anymore.  I want drama, colour and eclecticism.

I have a small spare bedroom to re-decorate which is a the top of the house and is generally ignored unless I happen to be up there.  It only gets used at Christmas & Easter, and otherwise is a bit of a shut door place and dumping ground, (or the cat uses it as her own personal bedroom).  It has lots of light though, and is currently mainly a very pale hay/cream colour with one light blue wall, dark blue and hay coloured crucial trading herringbone sisal.


The very dull room in question

So I was browsing through Pinterest to get some ideas for a new scheme, and I just kept being drawn to jewel colours, with clashing accents and a bit of bohemia thrown in… these are the sort of images that I kept being drawn to…

Nothing neutral and calming in those pictures at all, although I personally do find darker walls very restful and interesting.  Plus they also make my artwork really stand out and I have a great large print looking for a new home.

But it means that apart from the bed, which is a sweet wrought iron daybed, nothing else at all will fit into any scheme as opulent and colourful as the above inspirations, so I am going to have to start from scratch.  New floor/walls/curtains/bedding and possibly furniture if I cannot upcycle the existing stuff in there… oh and on a budget!

So off to plan something new, and I am on two trips very soon to Morrocco and Turkey, so it looks like carpet and textile sourcing will start off the new scheme… watch this space…


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