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I have in the past built CMS websites for people, schools and businesses but purely as a hobby/sideline and via word of mouth, and last week I was commissioned to come up with a design for a very simple and clean website by a private Art Dealer that I encountered in Bristol.

His speciality is Modern & Contemporary Art, with an emphasis on street art.  He has some very impressive and works by contemporary artists that he collects and sells; Damien Hirst, Banksy, Antony Micallef, Peter Blake, Chris Ofili, Laure Prouvost and many more.  It is an eclectic mixture of original artwork, prints, sculptures and ceramics.  It was a really nice project to get my teeth into as he has some amazing artwork that I could study for both the website and my art workshops with children.

site 1

Home landing page

site 4

About Page

The brief was to keep it simple, clean and make sure the artworks looked vibrant against the site.  I built it with a simple CMS system, so the client can access it directly via a browser and update it whenever it is needed.  Most art dealers list their items online with date/titles/medium and size details, but do not sell directly via the web, so I did not have to add a virtual storefront.  Instead it is a ‘Price on Application’ scenario with works for sale listings.  When the mouse hovers over an image of an artwork, a semi transparent text box slides in with details of the work and artist.  If the picture is clicked on, it takes you to a larger static image and details.  There is a page for original pieces, and a page for editions:

I had to research the artists that have pieces for sale, and also to add brief biographies for them, and I tried not to clutter up this area. So each artist has a link to a separate biography page.

site 3

Artists Page

site 5

Sample Biography Page

There are more artworks to add to the site, but I am really pleased with it so far, and the client is over the moon… so all is good in the land of HTML…


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