Vintage paper tree ornaments

To continue on from my last post of vintage paper Christmas decorations, I have been adding old sheet music paper to ready-made basic shop purchased wood shape decorations, plus also creating 3D paper ornaments. revamping old decorations: For the wooden decorations, I really simply added shapes cut from old musical scores: Decoupage: With a plain … Continue reading Vintage paper tree ornaments

Christmas Trees Vintage Paper Tutorial

how to make sweet christmas table top decorations Yes, I know.... we have not even hit Halloween yet, but I am starting to make Christmas Decorations early.  These trees can be made SO EASILY!  They can use any type of paper, although I think vintage music scores or old books look best as they have … Continue reading Christmas Trees Vintage Paper Tutorial

More Starbucks Pumpkin Heads….

As mentioned previously in an older post, I had to source pumpkin heads for a shoot for Starbucks' Instagram UK stream for Prescription Agency. The campaign is now rolling out and here are more of the pictures, I think they are hilarious. How no one in the background looks bemused I do not know.... That … Continue reading More Starbucks Pumpkin Heads….

Chalk Paint on Fabric – Vintage Chair Upcycle Project

FINDING THE RIGHT CHAIR My mother appeared with a chair a few months back that she had rescued from going onto a bonfire.  It was in a pretty bad way, with ruptured springs, very dark wood which is not really my cup of tea at the moment, and a needlepoint that had definitely seen better … Continue reading Chalk Paint on Fabric – Vintage Chair Upcycle Project

Pumkins, Starbucks and Instagram

Pumpkins, Starbucks and trying to get stylish... Recently I was asked to come up with some fake pumpkins for a photo shoot for a rolling campaign for Starbucks and Instagram, promoting the infamous Pumpkin Latte's which they make in the autumn.  I was asked to make 3 pumpkin heads for actors to wear in photographs.  … Continue reading Pumkins, Starbucks and Instagram

My house in ‘The English Home’ Magazine, November Issue 2015

I am very pleased that my home has had a feature in the interiors magazine 'The English Home' this month (November 2015 issue).  It is a very smart glossy, and it seems like a lifetime ago that the crew appeared to photograph the house. I can safely say that I have never cleaned a house … Continue reading My house in ‘The English Home’ Magazine, November Issue 2015

Grabbing yet another bargain…. sorry OKA…

Following on from the sideboard makeover last week, I had a niggling feeling about it not being quite right in that my lamps looked a bit too small.  In fact they looked like they were lilliputian and Gulliver had lent them to me.  The sideboard is so big that it needed some REALLY BIG LAMPS. … Continue reading Grabbing yet another bargain…. sorry OKA…