Junk shop mirror makeover

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another bargain find

Whilst buying the sideboard for a makeover, I found this mirror at the back of the same shop. For bargain price of £10 I snapped it up.  I had been hunting for one for my guest room that I recently did a makeover on.

It is dark, badly varnished and very large.  But the frame within a frame and shape is interesting, and it has carved details as well.  Hmmm… potential I thought.  And for £10 It would be rude not to…


Large and with a good shaped frame


Carved roses joining the two frames

I had been looking for a large mirror for the Guest room makeover I did recently, and this looked like it could really work.  I had spotted a couple in OKA with insert frames that I loved on a recent visit, but it they were so expensive that I just could not justify it….

on with the paint

So once again investigating my stockpile of Annie Sloan chalk paint, I used Original which is a clean white, and set to work.  This was a FIDDLY job, and required 3 coats of paint to cover the dark varnish.  I then waxed it for protection.  The clean up took quite a while too as the inserts were too fiddly to mask, so I just went for it with the paint and wax.  I ummed and ahhed about doing a distressed effect, but the room it is going to has wallpaper in plain white and blue so I left it one solid colour.

Once finished it looked like this:


So much better…

I then hung it up and voila:



I think it is just what the wall needed compared to before:

wide 2

Sorry OKA, but I think mine is just as nice…

mirro B&a web


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