Grabbing yet another bargain…. sorry OKA…

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Following on from the sideboard makeover last week, I had a niggling feeling about it not being quite right in that my lamps looked a bit too small.  In fact they looked like they were lilliputian and Gulliver had lent them to me.  The sideboard is so big that it needed some REALLY BIG LAMPS. See here…. weeny!


So I started to hunt for some that were a) big in scale and b) a bargain as is always preferred. I found these by OKA, I just love all the things that they sell and wander their shops salivating a lot and buying far too many trinkets and flowers for the house.. but they are whopping £327 each with a shade included, and I wanted a pair as I get a queasy tummy if I don’t see symmetry!  So, over £650 for two lamps, I just cannot justify it, especially with two teenage girls who have their mothers’ clothes shopping habits already!    But the OKA lamps are so lovely with the weathered wood, and I liked the neutrality of them in case I feel like moving things around in the house at a later date, (which is a dead cert really).  Here is the lamp:

oka lamp

So I started the usual trawling grounds; ebay, gumtree, local charity shops.  Nothing that I liked, and certainly nothing that was a bargain if I started to count postage costs.

But then today by absolute FLUKE, I was passing a shop called The Range that I remembered had some lighting that was incredibly well priced, but with some occasional hidden gems that I think look very upmarket and well designed.  So I popped in, rooted around and found this lamp:

range lamp

The picture does not do it justice, it is really tall, made from weathered wood with a linen shade, and look a lot better in real life than their online picture.  So I snapped up the last two that they had for a total of £53.98 and hurried home.  Before I even got my coat off, the Lilliputian lamps were swapped for the new ones.  They may not be as ornately carved as the OKA ones, but the colours, height and stature are as just as good and my niggles are now gone about the overall lighting/sideboard scale issues!  And I saved £600 in the process.  Sorry OKA, once again I have failed to purchase your products and done my own interpretation, but I am sure I will be there soon again as I have my eye on a lovely little chair in leather actually….

Here are the new and positively statuesque lamps in situ.  Apologies for the night effect photos, I was so excited I had to post immediately and it is late.  Now I need to find some space for the old lilliputian lamps elsewhere, which will start me off on yet another re-jiggle of lamps, then tables, and then rooms no doubt… brilliant!


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