Plaster Dipped Christmas Flowers

Decorating, DIY


IMG_3406With the festive season fast approaching, here is a sweet and simple little plaque to make from plaster dipped flowers, ribbon and a slate or wood backing.  You can find the fully detailed tutorial on how to make the plaster dipped flowers here.


We found the slate and wooden hearts in a bargain store for just £1 each, and then used plaster dipped flowers, a glue gun and some festive ribbon to re-vamp them.


Cut off the stems as far as you can on the flowers with pliers once the plaster is dry, play with the arrangements until you are happy and then be generous with hot glue.  You can use a little white paint to cover any visible glue from the sides if it is the type that dries transparent.


They are really easy to do and look very sweet, the plaster creates a very matt and opaque look to the flowers, like a bisque porcelain.


I think these would also make lovely gifts.



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