Christmas is a-coming…

Christmas, Decorating, interiors

Carol service dates are set, the turkey is ordered and the house is now officially dripping in decorations and lights.


My wreath made from twigs, moss, wood, berries and fir cones

This year I have scaled down the excessive decorations that I normally get carried away with, especially adorning the stairs that wind up through the house, as it became quite tricky to find the handrail when it was overloaded with garlands and lights.  I was always waiting for a heavy thud as a Bellini Cocktail overloaded guest either missed the handrail or electrocuted themselves.  Plus the cats felt that it was a snaking tree of epic proportions to hand from with their claws.  So no stair garland this year.

However, the tree is up and looking very pretty.  The baubles are mercury glass, clear glass, beaded ones and the special sentimental ones that my daughter gives me every year.


Simple decorations and fairy lights

The mantlepieces are also now done, the one below is in the same room as the main tree so the mecury glass theme continues…


Mercury glass and birch Christmas trees, (fairy lights inside mecury glass look great!).

In the sitting room the mantlepiece has also been decorated.


Fir and berry garlands


Pretty fairy light twig tree, as there can never be too many fairy lights.

The breakfast room has a mixture of everything…


Mistletoe, cactus, orchids and advent calendar mixed up, could not decide what to lose, so all got mixed in together

I  also made a table decoration for my mother-in-law from pine, berries, dried oranges and cinnamon (it smells great).


And so now I have time to sit back and read all the new interiors magazines… brill!






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