Vintage Bottles – Labels Freebie

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Well, sort of vintage bottles…. they will look it when you are finished.

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I was given a collection of clear glass bottles with corks, (without labels), and was wondering what to do with them.  Perusing online, I found some great old labels which were a whizz to download, print out and use on the bottles.

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Some of the titles are hilarious, I am especially fond of ‘White Oil – For Man and Beast’, what this was used for once upon a time I have no idea?!

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I enclose the files that you can use below, they are jpegs and good enough quality to print out and use yourself.  What will you use them for?

Old Chemist Labels 1Apothecary style labelsOld Chemist Labels 2Old Chemist Labels 3


8 thoughts on “Vintage Bottles – Labels Freebie

  1. Hi there
    How can I download these apothecary labels? Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Sandra Rabjohns


  2. Hi
    Click on the each image of the labels at the base of the page and save to your computer. You may need to right click your mouse to do this. If you are on a Mac computer then double click the image to open it and drag onto your desktop.
    They are large scale jpegs so good enough to print out as a4 pages
    Let me know if that works, I can email them to if not


  3. Where does it show download etc. of the labels? I must be missing them some where.
    I am into bottle labels. Thank you


  4. Hi it’s not a purchase, just download, print it out in colour and then stick them to old bottles. Ask someone you know to help you if you are not sure about the printing part.


  5. interested, but not sure how it comes. I’m assuming via my printer with color. I print it, cut it and glue to jar. Is that what I have to do? I’m hoping it would be done by you and sent yo me finished. I don’t have a color printer and not sure how to do it. What if it does not print correct if I have to do it? What happens, I have lost my purchase?


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