Wallpaper – The proper kind…

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I saw this today online and had to share… it’s like porn for interior enthusiasts!

I love the old colour, the music, the voice-over and most of all the skills and time involved in making the papers.

I know some papers today are hand-printed and hence very costly, but this film will make me very doubting when perusing the mass-printed wallpapers in the DIY store from now on. No wonder you can see 150 year old wallpapers in stately homes that have lasted the test of time, as they have been made by hand as in this film.  Here is some more footage….

Has anyone ever used such beautiful hand-printed papers in their own homes?




One thought on “Wallpaper – The proper kind…

  1. Long, long ago I worked (briefly) painting hand crafted wallpaper. There was a team of us, working side by side on a long table in a garage, lovingly applying rich pigment in huge swathes of color, carefully hanging the 15ft long strips to dry, and rinsing the damn paint rollers FOREVER under freezing cold water. We shared a tiny toilet, tucked in the corner of said garage, just large enough to sit down in. It was stocked with incense matches to disguise the stench of poops. We were quite the band of misfits. There were a pair of heroin addicts (the sweetest and prettiest girls you ever saw. Really), my queer best friends, and me with my green mohawk. Times have changed, but the hours spent carefully creating wallpaper that we could never afford were filled with a kind of earthy sweetness. I saw, and loved this little film, too. Thanks for giving it some love.

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