Before & After: The house renovation is complete.

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Finally, it is done….

For those who have noticed a somewhat silent blog recently, I do have a very valid reason as I have been slogging away 7 days a week over the last couple of months to get this house completed.  My life has been consumed by this project, but I now it is done I think I have enjoyed it…(?!)

I have learnt many new things; how to fit door architraves and skirting, mix plaster, fix windows, mitre corners properly and much more.  I think I have used about 125 litres of white emulsion, and got a sort of snow-blindness by the end of it.  My hands are like a workman’s, and I am exhausted and have spent hours in builders yards and sourcing things online to get the best prices  But it has been worth it, and I am on budget which is a miracle…

In the middle of the job my builders’ firm went bust, which could have been a total disaster and left me up the creek without a paddle so to speak, but we managed to muddle through and finish the renovation.  My builders honoured the contract and worked extra hours unpaid to finish the job, so someone up there was watching out for me I think!  It meant a 3 week delay on the build, and that I had to learn lots of new skills pronto, but circumstances meant that I just had to forge on.

Here come the before, mid-point and after pictures…..

The facade of the house…. from grubby magnolia to zingy blue… I got over vertigo on that scaffolding after a couple of days, and it was a lovely view…




The garden…. from rubbish dump to a much more elegant space…

The once small and festering loo… now a wall has been moved to create a spacious shower room…


A large curved shower


Simple clean lines


The bathroom has been replaced with something that you might actually want to use, (and I am a total sucker for metro tiles…).



Classic bathroom suite


Metro tiles


Very shiny taps!


The house is on three floors; the stairs running from middle to top were tired and needed new plastering on the walls, decorating and new flooring.  Every spindle had to be stripped back, sanded and repainted.  A hideous task, but this staircase was the only original period Victorian element left in the house so I had to save it.


A lovely original staircase


A huge wall awaiting art


Much better lighting now

The stairs running from the middle floor to the lower ground floor were dark and spooky, so new plastering and lighting was installed…


Looking to the lower ground floor


LED lights installed to light up the landing

The 4 bedrooms, (or 1 reception and 3 bedrooms as the house can be configured in lots of ways), are all of a similar good size with a large walk in closet each, and they were totally replastered, rewired and renovated.  I also added lighting inside the walk-in closets as I know ladies will relish seeing their clothes properly!



A sneaked-in decorative door


and another one…


Rooms can be configured as the homeowner wants

The lower ground floor reception room was damp, dark and not a place you would want to spend time in.  New plastering, wiring, flooring and an opened-up chimney breast ready for a woodburner was installed…


LED lighting brightens up this space

The kitchen….  This is the terrible state we started out with dangerous surface mounted wiring, mouldy walls and floors.  But it had huge potential.  The whole thing was gutted, re-wired, replastered and renovated ready for a new kitchen…

And now… a neutral shaker kitchen with metro tiling, and lots of integrated appliances hidden away behind doors.  The pantry area is really sweet, and the new owner can add lots more shelving if they want to the side walls in this nook.  There is room for a huge table, a dresser, a refrigerator, it opens onto the garden and so on, and I think this will be the hub of the house.


The kitchen installed

So to recap, this house was totally gutted.  All new wiring, plumbing, heating, plastering, garden landscaping, doors and joinery, new bathrooms, a new kitchen, new flooring and 125 litres of white emulsion, not to mention all of the woodwork paint.

The house is now up to date and ready for some new loving owners to move in and make it their home.  I found it a real challenge to keep it all neutral given my own preferences for dark colours, but I know people like to make their own stamp on a house, (although I managed to sneak in some trompe l’oeil doors and a few groovy lights).  Tomorrow the agents appear, and it should be on the market by the end of the week.  Job done, and I really, really need a holiday…..


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