Dream Living Room Plans

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I have been looking at a fabulous website called Arhaus who are based in the USA, and am seriously wishing they would open a shop in the UK, (hint, hint….).  Their collections are really beautiful, very classic, and I would snap up a lot of their items, especially the furniture, in a flash to use in interiors.

I have based the room around artwork by Fin DAC, who produces huge scale street mural artwork around the globe.  I love this image, and used it as the inspiration for the room.  It would look amazing as a huge piece on one wall, and he sells via online galleries so I am after one now… although I may have to save up a bit….


Having recently completed a grey, black and orange dining room, I am still slightly obsessed with these colours and was immediately drawn to the sofa and daybed in the Clancy range, they are both traditional with the buttoning but have lovely sleek modern lines as well.  Plus, (and this is key for me), I really hate plumping up base cushions of sofas, so this is a dream design for me!


I also loved this little chair as an accent, it called the Platinum in Medina Accent fabric.


I envisaged a tall, spacious, period room with the whole fireplace end wall painted in a dark slate, and the other walls in strong white.  On one wall the large art piece would hang.  The floors would be graphite stained wooden parquet in a herringbone pattern.  In both fireplace alcoves I would place console tables with these large mirrors above them, and lamps set in front of the mirrors to thrown back the light:

This is a fantastic table from the Nota range, the finish is layered with white Spanish plaster, silver leaf and deep black tones before being antiqued by hand.  It has a beautiful texture:


I then would add punches of orange in the form of an Arhaus rug, and lots of accent cushions and pottery.


I think this could look great, now just to persuade Arhaus to open some stores in Europe….



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