Organizing For Your Lifestyle

ORGANIZATION Being a pretty obsessive OCD organizer, (mainly due to a lot of 'stuff' in my home which if I don't control results in chaos within hours), I can happily spend hours sorting, catagorizing and decluttering areas. I find this a really calming thing to do, whereas to others it might seem like hell. I … Continue reading Organizing For Your Lifestyle

Up All Night -A Domestic Goddess’s Insomnia

This post has has absolutely nothing to do with interiors, but this is a blog so I am allowed to go 'off piste' sometimes. THE PROBLEM So.... I have insomnia most nights now, mainly due to thinking... thinking about the house, thinking about the kids/laundry/parent taxi service/exams/what is for supper tomorrow....thinking about things I have … Continue reading Up All Night -A Domestic Goddess’s Insomnia