Cleaning Up After Renovations

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Too much mess after renovation? Easy six tricks to clean

House renovation is always a good thing. After everything is done you can’t wait to enjoy the new look of your home. However, the builders dust is something a lot of people struggle with for at least a few weeks after the remodeling of their homes. If you want to take the matter in your own hands, you might want to follow these six easy tricks to clean after a renovation.  These pointers came from Zowie at Charlton Cleaners, and actually will make life much easier, especially washing walls down which people forget to do and then they paint straight onto dirt which can mix into the paint (oops, guilty…)

Cover or Move Away Items

This step is very important to make the cleaning much easier and faster. Before the renovation itself move away as many furniture and items as you can. If there are things you cannot move, cover them well. Putting plastic covers on the floor can also help to decrease the levels of dust spreading around your home.

Clean the Walls First

The first thing you should clean are the walls, this way all the dirt and dust will fall on the floor and you can take care of it later. Starting from the ceiling and walls is the most logical and easy way to make the cleaning as fast as possible. To get rid of the dust on the walls you can use a clean cloth, dampened with water and wipe them carefully with it. If your walls are freshly painted you need to be very careful with this step.

Avoid Sweeping

If you sweep the dust with a broom or a brush you will only make it spread around the air. Charlton Cleaners are saying that this will make the cleaning harder and slower and it will only shift the dust particles around the air which can be harmful for your health. To avoid breathing in any dust, use a face mask. If there are bigger plasters of dirt you might need to do a sweeping but make sure to wait for a few minutes afterwards for the dust particles to settle on the ground.


The easiest and fastest way to get rid of the builders dust is to use a vacuum cleaner. You might consider renting a professional vacuum cleaner as the one you are usually using at home can get easily clogged. Vacuuming your house will make sure to suck the most of the builders dust, without spreading tiny particles in the air. Since builders dust is much harder to clean, you might want to repeat this step a few times.


After vacuuming the floor, you might consider mopping it if it has wooden or tiled surface. By using a damp cloth and a cleaning solution you will be able to ‘catch’ those dust particles that the vacuum cleaner missed. Just as with the vacuuming, mopping just once won’t be enough. You might want to change the cleaning solution a few times and mop until you are satisfied with the result. After you are done with mopping the floors, make sure to use a dry cloth to get rid of any moisture on the surface of the floor. This step will prevent any mildew. 

Keep the Air Flow Moving

To achieve better results and to make sure that you are not inhaling the dust particles, you should keep the air in your house flowing all the time. Open all the windows that you can and this will help at least some of the dust to be flown away outside of your home instead of settling all over the floor and other hard surfaces.

If you use these six tricks you will make the cleaning after renovation so much easier and efficient. You still might use some elbow grease but at least you can solve this issue much faster than usual.


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