Wallpapering Wardrobes

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It’s raining, in August as usual, and I am sitting looking through a window at a waterlogged garden.  So I have a quick moment of calm to post about the cupboards that I mentioned recently were being built.  They were fitted in a day, have a load of space inside and then it was my turn to get going on them.


Here they are going into the alcoves, this is in the room that has one built in wardrobe:

The room also had a horrible and ugly boiler cupboard, and my carpenters very kindly made me a new door and frame for free, (probably as it was so offensive in the room compared to the new one above!).

Once they were in they just needed a lick of paint.  They are going to be very simple and white so I had a plan undercoat applied in the workshop.  I will post more pictures once I have finished them.


The main bedroom was due two wardrobes, one in each alcove.  We went right up to the ceiling to maximise space and brought the cornice around the front of the doors. I had already asked for a specific configuration of shelves and rails in advance.

As you my have gathered, I LIKE DARK WALLS!  This room was painted in the inkiest dark blue called ‘Hague Blue’ by Little Greene – it changes from inky blue to almost black depending on the time of day.  I have left the ceiling, cornice and skirting white along with the window woodwork.  The flooring is very pale too, so light can bounce around as I didn’t want it like a dark tomb.  The cupboards were also going to get a coat of Hague Blue, so the undercoat was in a dark grey to help speed things up.

The woodwork paint was the same colour in their new range of dead matt eggshell which is water-based, and which is supposed to have a very low 10% sheen.  It is also supposed to be very workable.  However, to be honest I was not that impressed with it.  I used brushes for detail mouldings and  foam roller for the flat surfaces and it dried really patchy, even after 3 coats.  Next time I am sticking to normal eggshell.


See the streaky finish in the panel area?

However, my master plan meant that the finish on the flat panels did not really matter.  I have been waiting forever to use some House of Hackney wallpaper, and planned to set it into the panels of the wardrobes.  I had even asked the carpenters to make them exactly the same width of the wallpaper so there was no wastage, how sad am I?!


This is called Florika and it reminds me of Arts and Crafts wallpaper but in a large scale, and with a touch of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors!  It comes in a panel form, a 3 roll set of 45cm x 3m pieces.  That’s why I got the carpenters to make my panels 45cms wide, as much as I would love to do a whole room, it would have just cost too much.


Usually I am very impatient, but due to the price of this paper, I was very slow and methodical for once.  I estimated that I could get 3 panels across 4 doors whilst keeping the repeat pattern if I was very careful.  I VERY SLOWLY measured, measured again and then re-checked, and started to cut it into panels.  To attach them I used Paste the Wall by Solvite, so there was no soaking of the paper needed, and simply smoothed them into place with a squeegee.  Any tiny bit of trimming needed was done with wallpaper scissors as scalpels can tear wallpaper if it is wet.  That part was really quick and simple.

This is the finished result, plus with new carpet fitted to cover the very poor floorboards that I inherited.


On the other side of the room I have hung some botanical prints, which will be above the bed when it finally comes.

My husband walked in when it was done to have a look, he had not seen any of the progress at all since the room was bare and stripped.  He just said ‘Jesus!’ and walked out.  I am going to take that in a positive way as I know that once the curtains and furniture are in and I have dressed the room,  it will look FANTASTIC!  I can lie in bed and admire my fantasy wallpapered cupboards, and when I am finally bored of them I can start all over with something else.

What I did notice though when it was all done, is that my fireplace is not central in the wall, not because of the carpentry either side , but as in the room below there is another fireplace which is central, so this one must have been sited like this for a separate chimney stack.  But as the walls are so dark it sort of vanishes, and I painted the dado rail dark blue either side to ‘lose it’ as well.  However, this will be a challenge when it comes to hanging art and mirrors in the room on this wall area


I’m thinking deeply of what to do with this wall, any suggestions gratefully accepted….


6 thoughts on “Wallpapering Wardrobes

  1. Thanks, love the idea about the mirror cut to size, will definitely pursue that one as it would also make the room look a lot bigger 😀


  2. I laughed when you mentioned your husband’s reaction – I would have got a similar one!
    The paper looks fabulous on wardrobes and I love that colour Hague blue – if only I could convince my husband!
    My suggestion would be either having a mirror cut to size to fill the space or a large mirror with an ornate frame.
    A trick which I have started to use is to take a photo (using my phone) of an object – mirror, table, picture, chair – then standing back, with my arm outstretched, view the photo in the area where I plan to site the object. You need to make sure the photo is large enough to ‘fill’ the screen of your phone and then stand nearer or further away to see it in place as smaller or larger.
    You could try this with a few different photos of mirrors, pictures, light fitting, shelving displays, that you have taken whilst browsing in shops, or magazines.
    I love doing this as it doesn’t cost anything and I can view lots of options (not yet purchased or already owned) without wasting time and effort moving pictures and mirrors, drawers, tables from one area to another before realising it doesn’t work!


  3. Thanks Lindsey… he has been known to either say worse, or totally not notice anything. He didn’t notice a black ceiling once for about a week!


  4. Super room, you are brave I think my husband would say more than ‘Jesus’!! Love the paper and the botanical prints they almost seem made for the room.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Loved seeing this, the dark walls and wallpaper will really create a ‘nest’ feel in the beddroom. For that wall, you might hand a piece of art or mirror that stretches from side to side and fills the space so you don’t notice any off issues. Lovely!


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