Final Makeover Post – Townhouse

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GAH!  So I totally, totally forgot to do a final post about all the work I did in the summer and autumn renovating a city townhouse.  So here is a brief rundown of everything that was done.  New heating, plumbing, electrics, lighting, garden fencing, plastering, decoration, windows, plus a new kitchen roof with skylights and new unforeseen beams (long story that one..).  On top of that it was totally decorated, had bespoke wardrobes made and fitted, a kitchen makeover, new flooring, refurbished original flooring and probably some other things I have forgotten.  It also had plans drawn up for a huge loft conversion to make another bedroom and bathroom.

I was going to move into it once it was finished, and once we had sold our current home we live in.  But priorities changed, as they always do, and we ended up having to get rid of the city house… so it was put on the market and snapped up straight away.


Here is the dining room before, during and after.  It had to have electrics chased, new lighting installed, new plaster, lining paper, decoration, floor renovation and new central heating.

Walls were done in Cookie Crumble, with the Chimney Breast in Railings.

Loved the way it turned out… and it’s a big room with lots of space and light,


This went from a woodchip nightmare to a womb-like room.  Ceilings were skimmed, electrics upgraded, the fireplace overhauled and new radiators and windows installed.

And now:


This room was stripped right back, and wardrobes handmade for decent storage.  New windows, heating and electrics once again.  The walls are in Basalt by Little Greene, and the panels on the wardrobe are in House of Hackney paper.  New wool carpet to make it cosy, and voila…

Ta dah…..!


This room needed a lot of work yet again.  The floor was in a dreadful way, and as the central heating and electrics were installed, floorboards cracked, split and generally fell apart.  More skimming, heating and electrics were done.  Once again bespoke wardrobes were made to create a wardrobe and also a cover for the boiler cupboard:

And the final room…


This was replaced over a year ago, but got upgraded with new flooring, heating and decor:





New carper, and bannisters overhauled with Railings by Farrow and Ball.  Spotlights to ceilings, plus all internal doors renovated and with new hardware.


I then painted the handrail too as it really bugged me having so much orange pine around and they were not original Victorian ones.




I already have a post about this, but here is a quick reminder:

Here are some other bits after the overhaul; new fencing and shed painted in dark grey, front door spruced up and so on…

Apologies for the lateness and minimal amount of pictures.  I tend to forget to take them when doing work, mainly as either I am covered in paint, or so focused that I just clean forget!

Anyhow, the house has been sold to a person who loves it so much he wanted to buy a lot of the furniture and decor.  I am glad he is happy, but I WANT THE HOUSE OF HACKNEY WALLPAPER IN MY OWN ROOM WHERE I LIVE NOW!

….. cheerio for now xx

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