Long time no write…


Since my last very long time ago post, I bit the bullet and enrolled back at university to study Interior Design with a slant on architectural spatial design.

Since September it has been a whirlwind of learning, late nights (working, not partying) and me banging my head on the desk as I start to learn 3D design programs such as CAD and SketchUp.  However, I am LOVING it, even if I am frazzled and sleep deprived…  So far I have designed spatial installation art pieces, a theatre set, a piece of modular furniture, designs for the BRI hospital in Bristol for staff rooms, and am currently working on a Pavilion design with a bar for an English Heritage site.  I have learnt to weld and cut metal, 3D and laser print items, woodwork in various forms, digital fabric printing, architectural orthographic drawings, a plethora of design packages for the computer (yes, adobe creative suite I love you), model making and loads more.  Oh and I forgot to add concrete, clay and resin modelling as well….  I still have a lot more to learn, but am enjoying the journey as well as still holding down a part time job, running a house and being a mum.  Women out there, we are the mothers of all multitasking….!

I have to run a blog as part of the course, more analytical than design based, so I’ll post over onto this site if anything is relevant to it.  Plus of course anymore DIY tutorials, I’ll posy a prepping for laser cutting one as it’s a genius machine and can cut and engrave anything from fabric to leather to acrylic.  I have my summer break soon so I can add things more frequently.

Until then….


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