Restaurant Design


During the lockdown I was asked to design a restaurant for a new development being built in SE London – a luxury destination restaurant spread across 4 floor and with astounding views across the city which are crying out to be celebrated.  The local area has a rich history which was reflected in the design elements such as metalwork, glass and other materials.

Each level has a coherent design which changes and morphs slightly as the guests rise through the building.  There are wide-open and then more intimate spaces to choose from as areas to dine in.  Roof terraces mean cocktails can be enjoyed whilst taking in the views.  The site is one of the highest in London, so you can literally see for miles.


The site has a basement kitchen and service area, plus a ground floor area which is a smart cafe in the day and a welcoming pre-dinner drink bar area for the restaurant at night.

cadfe 3 external tables woman only_Cafe Sun ext south with people andplantscafe night smaller

This ground floor space has a lift which take the guests to another level (in many respects…)


Guests exit the lift on the 3rd floor, into the first part of the main restaurant with views straight ahead across SW London and a terrace.

Final day looking south level 3 copyFinal Night Level 3 look south copy

From this level a bespoke staircase leads up the 4th floor.

look to stairs_ copy

The 4th floor has 360 degrees views around London and is walled entirely in glass.  To the East the views are of the City of London with landmarks such as the Shard illuminated at night.

SOUTH STRAIGHT no walking lady

By day, this area of the restaurant has a retracting roof, so good weather can be enjoyed under a protective canopy which creates beautiful shadow patterns.

the light!

In the central area of this floor are private dining pods with living walls and light portals to enjoy the stars at night overhead.

green wall

The plans are to use the restaurant for notable chefs to take residencies, creating a gourmet destination for guests set in luxurious surroundings.


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