Building development on site

Interior Design

From this…

To this…. (slightly a bombshell site so please excuse the mess!)

There was a bit of stall in the build over the winter due to weather and trades being booked up, but it is finally nearing completion (externally). The client has started to install a natural swimming lake in front of the building, which will overflow what is seen in this picture (this is the deep swimming channel area) and have hundreds of marginal plantings to the sides. Then the building will look as if it is floating on the water (below). A jetty is being added so you can exit the building and dive straight into the water.. fantastic!

Next up; interior fit out and jetty, plus I want to see the lake finished and established, and the trees to get their leaves back so we can see it in its full glory. It has been a long journey, mainly as it is R&D, but so worth the wait!


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