Creating physical items is very therapeutic, so I like to tweak existing items, create others from scratch and experiment with materials that may be used in my designs.  So much design work is now done digitally, that just by touching materials I can remember what my function is as a designer!
These how-to’s also appear in the blog posts, but links are here to find them faster:


Plaster of Paris Flowers
How to Wallpaper An Armoire
Paint Storage – free printable labels
Easy no-sew Pelmets
Spice Jar free printable labels
Slate Effect Paint Tutorial
Plaster and Gold Leaf Feathers
Ikea Moppe Hack
Wallpapered and painted cabinet
Painted Upholstery (yes, really!)
How to upholster a seat pad
Vintage Paper Flower Wreath
Printable Vintage Bottle Labels
Vintage sheet music tree ornaments
How to Make Soy Scented Candles
How to hack an IKEA bookcase
Create Contemporary Botanical Prints

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