Really bad Christmas shopping on Black Friday


I went shopping today for Christmas gifts.  My friend Leah from Australia is staying with me and we hit Bristol for the day.   I had a long list, and was all ready  to get 99% of things ticked off it.  All of the shops had started Black Friday even though it was Thursday, so this was the day to get it done before the chaos starts on the day itself.  Or so I thought…

So I come home and look in my bags, and apart from a grill cleaning gadget for the mother-in-law, (which is really quite a dull but still a very useful implement and also slight retaliation for the year she gave me a dustpan and brush for Christmas), I now have a lovely dress, Perfume, Tweezermans, a fingerprinting fairy art set… and all for ME!


OK, this may not be how the dress looks on me but I am allowed to pretend….


There is no reason an adult cannot have this kit….

I also had a lovely lunch with my partner-in-crime Leah, many coffees in smart cafes, and browsed many beautiful shops including Harvey Nichols, where I nearly convinced myself that £300 for a scarf was a reasonable price.  I also daydreamed and drooled outside many interiors shops including Chalon and basically got NOTHING DONE AT ALL.


 One day…..

So as I sit here chastised with guilt and looking at MY MY MY shopping, I will have to face the shoppers again tomorrow.  I am feeling that Anthropologie is a good starting point, even though most of the gifts I have to get on the list are for men and small children….

Am I the only person who does this?