This website shares my design journey.  I studied Interior Design at the University of the West of England & received First Class Honours, where I developed my skills in design across wider disciplines whilst also working on live external projects in Restaurant & Hospitality design.

Before this I worked in property development and  I have had my residential interiors featured in magazines like The English Home, 25 Beautiful Homes and Mein schönes LandHaus.  I strongly felt that I needed to push my boundaries, especially in commercial design and fabrication techniques and so here I am at UWE developing these skills.  I am loving the course and the variety of projects we do.

I have always worked in design and creative fields.  I have renovated many properties ranging from Grade II Listed buildings to modern apartments and even a tattoo parlour.  Originally, I worked in Film & Television where I started out designing sets and ended up producing, directing and being a Commissioner.  So visual design has always been part of my psyche, and every project teaches me new skills and develops my design practice.